Taste of my music.

I run out of words when somebody asks me what music means to me. Or I can just keep on telling all day all night that how it makes me feel. As if it has become one of the important parts of my life. I have been listening to the greatest music ever made and I try to sing too. It helps me uplift, move and more needed these days is, it helps me get distracted! Like I am in another dimension, afloat, simply listening to music, happy as I ever could be.

Let’s begin with the modern music of India (2000-). Today’s music is mixed-up. It’s upbeat at a time and at the same time very calm lyrics. But I prefer those catchy songs, the one who has dance hook steps in it so that whenever there is a DJ night/Sangeet I shall remember, that’s all the reason behind it though.πŸ™ˆ

Talking about retro songs from all back to 1950s-1980s, yes that is music to my ears. It’s soothing, relaxing also how can I forget that India, back in time had some pretty jazz songs too. My mother and I are big fans of it, and we love listening to classics while we both are cooking_Eena Meena Deeka by Kishore Kumar (Film- Aastha)πŸ’ƒ

As many languages as I can understand it’s only 3 though, I feel curious about what could be the story in the music world? As everyone has different roots and a different story to tell. And it sounds really amazing. This entire June I streamed a lot of different songs on Youtube, Spotify, etc. It was a wonderfully uplifting feeling as this lockdown somehow getting us all down. Here’s a list of top 6 songs I’ve listened and liked them the most in this previous month.

I know I have a very weird and odd taste in musicπŸ˜…. Feel free to comment and tell your favourite songs you stream the most.

I feel pride.

Photo credits: Jason Leung

To my world, made of
Oceans and mountains
Valleys and rivers
Forests and bees
Rainbow and Window
Coffee and Table
Cake and make
Drums and beers
Jazz and Gaye
Bow and tap
Kicks and nets
Cloud and jets
Rain and fires
Coats and Closet
Sheets and Pillows
Body and Chest
Eyes them blue
Hair like air
Hands so fair
Lips taste cherry,
Pressed on mine
I feel pride,
living by your side.

Shout out to all the pretty people living in this world. #lgbtcomunnity 🌈

No doubts!

Image credit: Pixabay

She was a 12-year-old pale and invisible woman.
Who used to play a shadow game,
Under her rugged cloak with her stray clan.

Her long fingers were trying to create magic, through a silhouette
Making wind noises and hand-shaped birds
As she replicated the story, that she learned on her slate.

Her sun-kissed skin was trying to match
That maroon top, she likes to wear.
Open dark hair, trying to kiss her neck like it’s her flair.
And as she crosses through the crowded streets, in her ripped jeans and high heel boots,
She managed to make adjustments
by the others as they cahoots.

Just like a red rose bloomed on an early morning she was, racing through the sun.
She was so different from you, me or anyone!
Her world was beyond the blue skies,
where even I couldn’t fly!

She liked being on the streets with her friends that play and wiggles in style.
Being the most joyful girl on the street for her, I saw.
She defines her praises and every single flaw.

Everybody on the crowded streets we’re busy buying their own thoughts,
while she was busy connecting the dots.
With a grin on her face and sparkle in her eyes, she used to stare at us in the crowds.
But for today, she is the most invincible woman, I have seen, no doubts!

Image credit: Pixabay

“Me time”

I’ve been thinking about writing since a while besides poetry but I never had sufficient energy and time for it. I know it’s just an excuse I am making. But I do hope that I hit the keys fast and post it soon because I have so many fantasy articles, real-life incidents to share with my readers. Lockdown in my state (Maharashtra) is relaxing slowly and I guess I’ll have to head back to work soon. During this staying-at-home-period, I found it quite relaxing to focus on myself and enjoy ‘Me time‘.

But even though enjoying, spending time with yourself needs a break I guess. Video calls, throwbacks and memories were pretty fun actually but wasn’t really helping my lonely. Probably, everyone went through that, did I suppose!

There was one thing that has helped me get along with this 100 days of an obsessively thoughtful mind of mine, “my beautiful front yard garden.” It’s not properly arranged neither it is huge, but my mother works hard to maintain those greens. This summer lasted only for one month. I mean you know what summer is in Vidharbha, Maharashtra. So people around here were quite happy about this. Rains are early this year! And those random showers every once or twice a month did make my garden rich. Seeing those flowers bright and the greener greens every morning just made my life comfortable and easy.

Book review

Honestly speaking I don’t give reviews and ratings after I buy anything from the store online. And books, it already takes me so much time to read that it never occurred to me tell others how I liked it. Books generally used to get circulated amongst my friends. But during this lockdown period, I have started reading and reviewing the copies more. And it feels good too.

A lonely world – It’s an amazing poetry collection, filled with different topics of expression of feelings.

A lonely world and other poems https://www.amazon.in/dp/B089MDCXR7/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_mfG4Eb53Y7DBZ


I want to feel naked enough sometimes.
Naked for my emotions to fall off my mind.
Feel naked over my face, as it might show its real tone even on a sunny day.
And sometimes when it rains, I do want to feel naked and let my hair dance and swing in the rain.

I want to feel naked enough sometimes.
Naked so that I can utter to every word that comes randomly in my mind.
I want my toes to feel naked so that when I have raised them high enough, they can feel the wetness and softness of the cloud.

I want to feel naked enough sometimes.
So that I will stick out my tongue and I can feel the dust in the air.
Sometimes I just want to let open and stay naked, to feel light so that I could be a balloon for a day and keep floating and keep stirring on the water by the night.

Upside down

Image Credit: Pixabay

Have you ever wondered about our earth?
Perhaps it is an upside-down indeed.
All this time ticking ahead was instead a reversal.
As it is said, in the end, everything is going to turn into dust.
Everything count inhumanity, discrimination, inequality, cruelty, disasters, etc they will one day come to end.
Someday it will fresh start.
There will be a new beginning with the dust again.
That dust is in you, too.

Today I wanted to write something about World Environment Day…..but my focus on the world we are living today had turned out to be different than the stories once foretold.

A purple thought.

What is your favourite colour?

Is it blue, just like one of those days that you felt left alone?

Or is it red, that you didn’t want to punch and love someone at the same time?

Maybe it’s black, just like your darkest nights that you didn’t want to talk about anymore.

Have you ever thought about wearing purple? I assure you it will bring magic in your life!

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